Werewolf Nights

Werewolf Nights by Mari Hamill

*I received a free eBook copy of this book in return of a book review. This review is still my honest opinion!

werewold nightsCatherine Mercy is a widowed bakery owner who is in financial trouble due to her late husbands unneeded spending. Catherine has trouble dating in her home town because of the suspicion of her last two relationships. Jimmy her high school sweetheart disappeared without a trace one summer when he headed to L.A to make a name for himself. and then her late husband, Frank, disappeared while on a fishing trip his body never found. The town is getting ready for the their Werewolf Festival they have every 7 years and not only that but there’s a movie being filmed staring the handsome Greg Byron, not that Catherine knows what he looks like. To her best friends delight Catherine, thanks to the help of the old lady to volunteers to take care of, she is seeing a handsome man named Charles. Little does she know he is hiding some big secrets himself. One his name, the other an accident he had when he was a teenager.

Now, with Greg Byron’s costar quitting, due to Greg hooking up with a local girl, and the movie having spent most of their budget they know they have to find some local that can play the part. Though she doesn’t want to her best friend Anne convinced her to audition. Catherine gets the part which leads to Charles “Dumping her” and her having to go to the one place she promised her mother she’d never go again. the Wolfern Manor. When she was a teenager after a school dance her and her friends, including Jimmy and Frank, go up there and see what they think was a real werewolf. Now, Greg is Bitten and they need to figure out a way to save him with the help of her friend and werewolf expert, Steve.

Will they be able to save Greg and kill the werewolf?

I really enjoyed reading this book. It really pulls you and keeps your attention through the whole book. Mari really spins a great tale in the Werewolf Nights. I think my favorite has to be when Charles shows up at Anne’s house dressed up in a wolf get up to disguise whom he really is. I was wondering what he was going to do because there is no doubt that he wouldn’t have been able to keep it a secret one others saw him.

My favorite character has to be Anne! I love her she’s like me always trying to get her single friends to get out there and meet some guys. Even f it puts them in awkward situations. Like the opening date.

“Festivals are good energy. Maybe you’ll even meet that sexy werewolf your grandmother mentioned,” Anne said.

“Anne! He’s the bad guy, but I don’t think even the werewolves would have me.”

I give this book 4 stars! Fun read for all you werewolf fans.

If you have a book you would like me to review please feel free to message me! 🙂

Until next time! Read on and enjoy!

Morgan 🙂


15 Must Reads from 2015

15 Must Reads from 2015

I’ve read SOO many wonderful books this year! But I thought I’d make a make a quick list of my absolute favorites! Now, these are books that I READ this last year, it doesn’t mean that they came out last year!

cupcakes 4

  1. Shadows, Maps, and Other Ancient Magic (Dowser Series Book 4)– Jade is a witch. She runs her very own Bakery call Cake in a Cake and she makes Cupcakes that are to die for! Book 4 of this series starts a new journey and mission. It also brings in a new love interest. There’s a new Dragon whom comes out of no where. Now, Jade along with (My favorite character) Kandy, a green haired werewolf and the new sexy Dragon are off to find the first instrument of assassination I LOVE this series! It’s wonderful. But if you are on a diet don’t read because you’ll need chocolate and cupcakes in reach while you read. And the author Meghan Ciana Doidge is VERY active on her Facebook page and leaves cupcake recipes! She’s awesome! Book 1 Review HERE! Can’t wait for Dowser 6 coming in the New Year!
  2. The Kiss of Deception– Lia is a runaway princess bride. She wants to marry for love not for a treaty. Now living amongst the commoners she runs into two fellows who are very attractive. Little does she know that one is the prince she stood up on their wedding night, the other an assassin hired to kill her. This is such a good read! I loved it! It is a MUST HAVE and I’m sure you All will love it! Book Review HERE!
  3. Clean Sweep– Dina is an Innkeeper. An Innkeeper’s job is to protect her guest and provide a haven for those whom are stopping on earth before continuing on to their next destination. Now, there’s something attacking the dogs in her neighborhood and it’s up to her and the Alpha Were Wolf Sean, whom marked the neighborhood as his territory, to stop it. Then a Vampire shows up saying it’s his job and things just keep getting complicated. Okay, I’ll be honest, at first I was just reading this book because I needed a book of the month and I saw that the second book was coming out. So I read and Fell in love with the book! It’s so good and she writes the book on her blog. It’s written one blog post at a time! See my Book Review HERE!
  4. Chase the Dark (KindleUnlimited)- Piper is a Haemon without any powers. She’s been training to become a Consul, but others don’t look at her highly without magic but she is a strong fighter and can hand herself against a daemon. But after an attack on her father’s Consulate is attack leaving him missing, her uncle extremely hurt and others dead, Piper along with Ash, A hot Draconian, and Lyre, an Incubus, are accused of stealing the Sahar. Just a note that she did have it but only because her father gave it to her not because she stole it. Now they’re on the run and trying to prove theirs and her father’s innocents. But someone in their group may be keeping secrets of their own from Piper. Love this series and if you follow my boyfriends of the month you’ll know that Ash has made that list plenty of times. I love that hunky Draconian. See my book review Here!
  5. Every Witch Way But Wicked (Wicked Witches of the Midwest Book 2)(KindleUnlimited)- So I LOVE this series! Bay and her family reminds me of my family. We’re loud and sarcastic and just plain fun. I was so glad that I decided to read this book. This is book 2 in the series but it introduces a new character that’ll be around in the rest of the books. I also like how Landon now learns who Bay really is in this book. If you love to laugh then you will LOVE these books. I’ve never laughed so hard from a book before. Aunt Tillie will just crack you up with all her curses! You can check out book 1 review Here!
  6. The Black Mage: Candidate– I started reading this series over the summer during an eight hour car ride to my cousins graduation party. And fell in love with the book, characters, and author. Rachel E. Carter is amazing and super nice. This book is the third in the series but not the last! It was wonderful and an absolute emotional roller coaster. It’s without a doubt one of the BEST books I have ever read! I don’t want to give to much of this book away but let’s just say even though Ryiah may have gotten her man doesn’t mean that she has an easy road ahead of her, in fact it’s a long hard road for her. You’ll enjoy reading how everything starts in the first book The Black Mage: The First Year. Book one review is HERE! Candidate review HERE!
  7. The White (The Dragon Pearl Book 1) – I love the Cat’s Eye Chronicles  so when she came out with a new series I had to read it. Sienna Foxburn, is completely different from Sora, she is tough and strong from the beginning and very adventurous and not as innocent and love her for it. When the king finally sends a sorceress and two elite dragon hunters, One being the famous Fire’s Bane, to kill the imperial fire-breathing dragon Sienna isn’t afraid to tell them she lead them. But afterwards she discovers that she’ll be kicked out of her home because she is blamed for the disappearance and assumed death of Lady Brie. She will now join Mistress Ashyra, the sorceress, to take her to her father’s hometown. On her rough journey she learns a little about herself and of her father’s secret. There’s something different about her and how dragons react around her. Read my book review Here!
  8. RogueKaren Lynch did it again. She wrote an amazing book that gave us closure to the series but yet… WE STILL WANT MORE! Nikolas is another one of my favorite book boyfriends, Who wouldn’t love that sexy Mohiri Warrior? But for you who don’t know she is writing a book called Warrior in his POV! so excited. In this last book of the trilogy though We follow Sara and her friends while the track down Madeline Croix, her mother, so she can find out who the master is that is trying to kill her. But going Rogue as they do doesn’t go very well when Sara because sick. Sara is growing stronger in not just her warrior side but her fae side as well in this amazing book. Sara isn’t a weak girl anymore. She is strong and powerful warrior. Relentless Review HERE! Rogue Review Here!
  9. Ferran’s Map (The Cat’s Eye Chronicles Book 4): Okay, so as I said up above for book 7 I LOVE the Cat’s Eye Chronicles! Crash is the man I love him and Sora! There’s only one thing I didn’t like about this book and that was that I had to wait so long for it. I was pregnant at the time and thought I was going to be able to read it before I gave birth but I sadly I didn’t but she was still only a month or two old so I was able to read it during my sleepless nights of breast feeding. I love how this book brings back some characters we haven’t seen since the fist book and it shows us that Sora and Crash have changed a lot from that first book. My favorite of the book has to be when Sora, a blonde, asks if Crash really does prefer redheads and he explains “… And I don’t have a fondness for redheads.” It was great! See book 1 Sora’s Quest Here! Book 2 Vipers Creed Here!
  10. The Last Little Blue EnvelopeSo have you ever read a stand a lone book and wished there was more? Yeah, me too well it just so happens a couple years after it read the first book 13 Little Blue Envelopes, Maureen Johnson decided after pleas from her fans to write another book in 2011 the year I graduated high school which explains why I didn’t know it existed. I had gotten mad at the library that year and then my then boyfriend now husband had gotten me my kindle and then had no need to go back for the longest time. I just discovered this book this year and just had to read it. I had to borrow it from the library in my new town because I was over my book budget and could not wait a month to read it. And I was so glad I didn’t. I loved this new adventure that Ginny went on after being blackmailed it did not disappoint although I do was there was another book. I know I’m just being greedy now. Read the first book review HERE!
  11. Darkness of Light (Free eBook)- This book was recommended to me from a book group off of Facebook and I loved it! Ember Brycin has always known she was different. Things happen around her and after an explosion happens at a school dance she is sent to facility for troubled teens. There she meets Eli Dragen they have a strong connection but he keeps pushing her away. She knows he knows what she is but he won’t tell her and now not alone she but her friends and her only family, Mark, are in trouble. Now, with the help of her dream man Torin she’s trying to figure out who and what she is and what her mother was. This is a real page turner that I know all you paranormal readers will love! It’s a war against the light and the dark.
  12. Runes (KindleUnlimited)- I started my trail run of KindleUnlimited right after reading this book because it was just so good I knew I would have to read the rest of the series right away and couldn’t wait. So then naturally when my month was up I had to convience my hubs that we had to keep it because hello unlimited books. Back to the book thought. Raine Cooper is dealing the disappearance of her father, and now her best friend now boyfriend possibly moving away and now a sexy new neighbor that seems to be everywhere. She knows he and his friends are different because she can see these strange marks on their skin that no one else seem to see. Now, she is off to figure out what is really is and what she discover leads her to ancient mythology and she may also have something to do with it.
  13. Death of a Dapper Snowman (Stormy Day Mystery #1) (KindleUnlimited)- Stormy Day has just moved back home and isn’t having the best day after she finds a body inside a snowman she was taking a selfie with after running an errand for her father’s girlfriend. Then she was accused of being the killer and then mocked at the vets office when she told them that her father’s girlfriends cat is a girl when in fact it’s a boy. Now, she’s sitting by the hot new lawyer into who is trying to cheer her up by talking about how crazy his new landlady is who just happens to be her. To make matters worse her father turns out to be the prime suspect so now Stormy if off to find the murder and prove her fathers innocents. Let’s just hope she doesn’t die in the process. Book review Here!
  14. Frost (The Frost Chronicles Book 1) (KindleUnlimited)- Lia Weaver is responsible for her family now that her parents have died and it’s a struggle especially when a Farther wonders onto their farm half dead. Instead of reporting him she saves him by dragging him into the barn. She was always told that farthers would ruthless and cruel but Gabe isn’t anything like that and in facts helps her family out. But he and her family are in danger and she must trust Adam Brewer and guy she hates to help them out. This book is a Prefect read for winter.
  15. Blue Lily, Lily Blue (The Raven Cycle #3) – This is a great YA book series and I can’t wait until April when the last book comes out. Blue and her gang of Raven Boys are trying to find Glendower. Gansey has been looking for him for a long time. Blue is looking for her mother who in the last book left a note and disappeared and hasn’t come back. Adam is still learning about how to fix the ley lines and Ronan well his is still Ronan but just knows more about his dreams. Blue and Gansey become closer in this book and let me tell you their non kisses are some of the steamiest things I have ever read. You need to start with book one The Raven Boys though to learn about what’s really going on in the series and you can buy it HERE! this one the first book I read in 2015 I buy on New Years Day! I hope you enjoy the series as much as I do.
Well there it is! 15 books I read this year and absolutely love and recommend to you without a doubt that you’ll love them! What are some books you read in 2015 that you love? What are some books you’re looking forward to reading in the new year? 2016 is ALMOST HERE!
Until next time! Read on and Enjoy! And Happy New Years!
Morgan 🙂

Perfekt Order

Perfekt Order (The Ære Saga Book 1) by S.T. Bende

Perfekt Order Mia is finally out on her own. Starting her freshman year of college. The day she gets to the house she’ll be sharing with three other girls she gets attacked by beast while out on a run. The beast bit her arm almost clear off before she was saved by a handsome blonde man with intense blue eyes. She passes out and is awakening by one of her roommates, Brynn. She discovers that her arm is completely unharmed.

Brynn talks Mia into going to a party that night where she learns that Brynn is friends with the guy who saved her earlier on in the day. His name is Tyr. They ended up having a nice conversation but is interrupted by his phone. Tyr is pretty hot and cold during their interactions and she can’t see to understand why except that one of her friends has seen him with a beautiful girl. Brynn has said that she is only a friend but she’s not reassured. Mean while she’s having trouble in her Art History class where she’s learning about Norse Mythology.

Once she finally starts dating Tyr things get more complicated when she stumbles upon who is really is. Now she’s thrown into this world of Norse Mythology that is much more real then she could have ever thought. Now, Mia has to face all the dangers that follow Tyr the Norse God of War and losing him becomes a real possibility.

I think my favorite part of this book has to be when Tyr takes her fishing because you get to see that he doesn’t know everything. It’s great watching him mess up over and over again. I even like the part afterwards when they are racing home arguing and Henrik is just laughing having the greatest time watching Mia argue with the God of War.

I love Mia. She’s a strong character who is not afraid to be herself. Her very controlling and organized self, let’s be real if my new roommate made a chore chart and cooking schedule including what we’ll be cooking I would have called her psycho. But Mia is so sweet and innocent you can’t help but look past her controlling-ness. She is not easily pushed around and stands up against Tyr when he tries to order her around. She wants to be able to protect herself even though she’s going up against Gods and other creatures.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I discovered it off of one of my book groups on Facebook and preordered it a couples months ago and totally forgot about it. I usually mark it down in my planner but I was so glad it popped up.

I give this book 4 stars and one thumbs up!

Until next time! Read on and enjoy!

Morgan 🙂

Christmas Sneak Peek

Christmas Sneak Peek!

Merry Christmas everyone! Did you think I would let Christmas come and go without giving you something? Well if you did you thought wrong. How about a little sneak peek from my book A Fairy Story! Yes, that’s right I finally picked a name. For those of you that don’t know my main Character’s name is Story. Well I won’t make you wait any longer!

“Whoa.” A deep voice sounds as I crash into a warm hard body. I feel arms close around my waist as my face plants into a strong chest that smells so good, like mint, cloves, and soap. I didn’t want to leave! I could have stay right there in the warm cocoon of this guy’s arms. Time slowed, it felt like he had been holding me forever but could have only been a couple second. Time sped up as I lean back onto my feet to look at his face.

My heart stops and my stomach is fills with butterflies when I see that it’s the black haired fairy, Quin. No Tarquin.

Well there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this little peek into what I’m working on. The is from Chapter 10.

Until Next Time! Read on and Enjoy! Merry Christmas!

Morgan 🙂


BWP Stalking

Bookworm Problems (BWP): Am I Stalking?

bwp stalkingSo have you ever wondered if your favorite authors think your stalking them? I’ve been known to fan girl when I an author comments on my post or favorites my tweet or follows me on twitter! I put it up on all my social media accounts when an author comments on a blog post of mine. If that’s not embarrassing enough you should see what my poor husband sees! I’m like bouncing around dancing just so excited I can’t stand myself. I just have to get up and move.

But what do our author’s think when we go super crazy fan girl? Are they glad that it’s just over social media and they don’t have to get a security guard like movies stars do?

But doesn’t following our favorite author mean we’re stalking them? No, they want us to follow them! They love their fans and want to hear our thoughts and opinions on the books. They love us sharing their books with others because that’s how they make more fans! And that’s how we get others that we can #fangirl with!

So the question really is… Who is your favorite author?

BTW sorry I haven’t gotten a book review up lately I’ve been in a car A LOT! I’ve traveled way to much this month and still have to make the 7 hour journey back home the morning after Christmas. I Promise when I get home that I’ll get my two reviews a week up! Love you all and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and have lots of Family Time!

Until next time! Read on and Stalk whom ever you like! (Just don’t be creepy and show up at their house! That’s not OKAY!)

Morgan 🙂

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12 Days of Christmas Reading

Serial Hottie

A Kiss of Deception

The White


The Black Mage: First Year

Giveaway Winner!

Christmas Giveaway!

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giveawaySince Christmas is just a few days away I thought you might like to find a good Christmas book! Check out my 12 Days of Christmas Reading there are 12 wonderful Christmas books for you to read! I’m also working on a New Year’s book recommendation list!

Decked with Holly

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Candy Cane

Writing Prompt Wednesday!

candy caneDescribe a Candy Cane. Be creative here! I want to know how it feels, smells, looks, sounds, and taste. Be really creative! Think outside of the box! Go and just some candy canes for inspiration. Don’t just say red and white describe the colors!

Good Luck! I Know you can do this!

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Until next time! Write on and enjoy!

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