Halfway Dead

Halfway Dead (Halfway Witchy Book 1) by Terry Maggert

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halfway dead

Carlie McEwan is a witch. She works in her small town diner in her small town of Halfway, NY with her fat cat/familiar Gus. Carlie loves her town and loves her Gran who teaches her magic and gives her tea where she has to guess what herbs she used to brew it. Life is going how it always goes until one day a stranger stops by the diner and asks to talk to her. His name Major Pickford, he shows her a picture of a guy in the forest just behind her home where the last American Chestnuts are. His boss (A.K.A Maybe Grandma) and owner of Pickford Holdings. The Chestnuts are in the area called Thendara. This stills Carlie because though her families boring history because they avoid drama (Which isn’t a bad thing) she has heard of Thendara before and it has something to do with her family.

Before she could agree to help Major she has to talk with her Gran and then she does her own little research at the library and discovers something that makes her agree to travel to Thendara, but before she can tell Major someone else, Jim Dietrich, comes to town with almost the same story. Who can she trust? She doesn’t know all she knows is that she has to go to Thendara.

Have you bought a book and then it just sat in your kindle for months in months waiting for you to get a chance to read it? And it’s not because it isn’t a great book it’s because you have so many books on your too read list that it’s never ending. Will that’s what happen to this book. But then the author Terry asked me to read the next book Halfway Bitten which comes out February 9. So I was really excited because I already had the first book I just needed something to push me to scroll through my kindle until I found it and I’m so glad that I did! This book was really good. It drew me in and kept my attention. There was only one thing I didn’t like and that was how Major was there at the start but nowhere in the middle. I thought he was going to be a bigger part of the story. Although I love Wulfric, the sexy Half Vampire Half Viking, who leads Carlie and Jim to Thendara.

I love how Carlie is grew up knowing who she is and that she uses her magic for good and doesn’t ask for anything in return. It’s refreshing from the books where it always comes as a shock to the characters. I love how she hangs up the artwork her parents send to her because she doesn’t want to show up for a surprise visit and not see them hung up. I think it’s really sweet of her because I would just tell my parents to stop sending it to because it’s just gonna go into storage in the basement.

Anyways, if you love stories about witches who are kick ass and has a sexy Half Vamp Half Viking friend plus a very big fat sassy cat as a familiar this is the book for you. I really enjoyed it which is why it’s getting 4**** stars!

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Lie: Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt Wednesday

Lie. We’ve all done it and I want you to write 4 but I’m not taking about any old boring lies. No! I want you to come up with the most wild, crazy, and out of this world lies you can think of. Then, I want you to make it plausible in your writing. Think you’re up to the challenge?

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Defy (Defy Series Book 1)

Defy (Defy Series Book 1) by Sara B. Larson

“… I … I need you, Alex– Alexa.”

Hearing him speak my true name sent another jolt through me. My heart thudded in my chest at his words.

defyAlexa Hollen has pretended to be a boy for the three years while serving in the king’s army. She is the top guard on the prince’s elite guard she serves on along with her brother. The Prince is a lazy, rude, and spoiled. After the death of her brother she starts to see another side, a softer side, of the Prince Damian. She also learns that he is nothing like he seems and has a lot of secrets. He even sends her on a secret mission where she almost gets killed. Now, kidnapped along with the prince, and her trusted friend and fellow guard ,Rylan, she learns that her well kept secret wasn’t so secret. Deep in the forest in enemy territory Alexa starts to learn more about Damian’s secrets, and what he intends to do and she is a big part of the plan. But can she do it and can she learn to trust him after all the lies he’s told?

This book was such a pager turner. I couldn’t put it down and I couldn’t wait to start reading the next book (which sadly I had to because of my stupid book budget… who needs food and heat right?). I love how Alexa is so strong in this book and that she can beat all of the boys. She’s the best of the best and Prince Damian knows it but that’s not all he knew. I like how he kept dropping hints that he knew and I have to say one of my favorite parts of the book are of when she has to spend to night outside his door in his suite because she gets to see the true side of him.

I hate what happens to the orphaned girls in this book it was heartbreaking and disgusting, and I’m so glad that Alexa didn’t have to personally experience it but she still felt horrible for all the other girls. I loved how her brother would do anything to save her. And I loved reading about how close they were and was just as heartbroken as Alexa when her brother dies at the beginning of the book.

This book will move you emotionally and make you want to kick some butt! It is a MUST READ for all YA lovers.

I give this book 4 bright stars and a thumbs up!

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The Raven Boys

The Raven Boys (The Raven Cycle Book 1) by Maggie Stiefvater

Raven boysHow would like to have been told your whole life that when you kiss your true love he’ll die? That’s Blue’s reality. She lives in a house full of psychics. Her mom, aunts, and cousins are all psychics except for her. She only enhances everyone else ability. Now, at 16 she learns that this is the year that she’ll meet her true love and she also learns his name. Gansey. That’s not all, He’s a Raven Boy meaning he goes to Aglionby Academy.

Blue has only two rules.

One, stay away from boys, because they were trouble. Two, stay away from Aglionby boys, because they were bastards.  

But now Blue is going to find herself in the company of more than just one Aglionby boy. Ronan the snake, Adam the one with the coke a

Gansey has only one thought on his mind and that was finding Glendower. (AKA The Handsome one)

Adam the coke a cola shirt

Ronan the snake

Noah The smudgy one.

Gansey and his group of Aglionby friends are on a mission to find Glendower.

After an awkward meeting where Blue and Gansey don’t start off on the right foot then the boys happen upon her home with an appointment with her mother. Even after her mother’s warning Blue decides she’s going to help to help the boys. After a helicopter ride they stumble upon a magical place called Cabeswater. Cabeswater has a magical tree that shows the future and they all but Ronan and Noah (since he was not there) get a glimpse of their future.

After Blue and Gansey find something about their friend Noah they learn they aren’t the only ones after Glendower and he might be more dangerous than anyone of them could ever imagine.

I really enjoyed this book! I love the interactions between Blue and Gansey because she really can’t stand him at first and he always manages to find a way to make things worse. Gansey really has a big heart and will do anything for his friends. Gansey has a mystery about himself too. Why is he so determined to find Glendower and why did he seem to have so many sides?

If you’re looking for a YA book with an underlining of love but with a great mystery and adventure with magic well look no further!

I give this book 4 stars and one thumbs up!

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Nightblade by Garrett Robinson

****NOTE**** Visit Garrett’s site to claim a FREE copy of Nightblade if this book sounds up your alley! I don’t know how long it’ll be up on his site so go check now!

KindleUnlimited Book!

nightbladeLoren is from a small wooded village who’s always dreamed of a life like Mennet the great thief. A life away from her family whom beat her. When see runs after Xain, a wizard, who is running away from the constables. She joins him after making a quick stop home to pick up supplies and the first thing she’ll steal as Nightblade. A knife she had found when she was younger when she first whispered the name Nightblade. After a run in with her father Xain and Loren finally escape and find a place to rest for the night. In the morning she finds Xain gone and she’s on her own but not for long for she runs into a caravan while running from the constables that are after Xain. Now, she finds herself in the company of the Yerrin family. Where she befriends Annis the daughter of Darmis. Darmis of the family Yerrin. Darmis seems to take a liking of Loren but her guard Gregor dislikes her. While journeying with them Loren learns how to ride a horse and that Darmis isn’t quite what she seems and Loren wants to leave but Gregor watches her every move. Soon she finds the Annis wants to leave her mother and they make a plan to escape. They make their escape before entering Cabrus where the constables stand waiting to find her. They enter another way after escaping hoping to find an inn and hide from Darmis, but Loren an Annis are son separated after the constables find Loren. There She learns that her blade has some uses she didn’t know about because it helps her with her escape.

Now, she on the lookout for Annis in the poor part of Cabrus. There she is almost mugged but saved by a man in a red cloak, later she finds out his name is Jordel. He tells her she is looking for Xain and he tells her to come find him if she is to ever run into him again. After that Loren runs into a small starving boy named Gem who tried to steal from her but she chased him down and got her money back. He tells her about Auntie and that’s when Loren gets the idea of joining Gem so she can learn how to be a better thief and maybe they could help her find Annis. Auntie give Loren a task to complete to prove her wroth, but it doesn’t quite go the way it was supposed to and now not only does Loren have the Constables and Darmis guards on her back looking for her she has all of Auntie’s children on the lookout for her. After ALL of this she manages to lose her knife to Auntie and she’ll do anything to get it back even if it means making a deal with Darmis to do it.

Will Loren find Annis? What happened to Xain? What is so important about her blade that it would to a constable helping her? Who is Jordel and why do they keep running into each other? Will Darmis and Gregor find Annis? Will Loren defeat Auntie and get her blade back?


Okay, so I really enjoyed this book. It’s not like most books I read where there’s a love story going on but I didn’t miss it while reading this book because there was just so much going on. Although in my head I was thinking that Jordel and Loren would end up together even though really he is way too old for her I was making Loren older in my head especially since she kept calling Gem and Annis Children when she was only a few years older than them.

I love how Loren wants to become a great Thief! I mean most of the time our characters are striving to do something better and more heroic. I mean yes Loren is thinking she’ll be like the great Mennet who stole from the rich and gave to the poor (sounds familiar right) but he didn’t start out that way and she knows it. But what’s so great about her is that she wants to be a thief but she really does have a heart of gold and doesn’t want to kill anyone and in fact she doesn’t want to be in the company of any who kills either. That’s what kinda gets her in trouble from time to time.

Okay, so kind of a spoiler but not really I guess but I’ve read the first three books already because I bought the box set but I have such a bad book hangover right now because Garrett killed off one of my favorite characters. I’ve started reading the fourth book but which usually makes my book hangover better but I’m still suffering from my lost.

So I most defiantly recommend this book! It’s a great YA read for boys or girls. Full of adventure and is a MUST HAVE!

I give this book 4 ****.

Until Next Time! Read on and enjoy!

Morgan 🙂

Cursed Writing Prompt

Cursed Writing Prompt Wednesday.

It’s Great to be back home and have internet. I missed writing book reviews for you guys. But when you don’t have internet you have a lot of time to read and spend time with family of course but when everyone goes out at night and your baby is sleeping and there’s no TV its great to have a good book at the ready. But now that I’m back home it’s time to start writing again and what better way then starting with my weekly writing prompt!

Here it is!


A witch’s daughter, cursed by a rival tribe as a mute.


Well there you have it! And as always I love to read what you write so leave me a comment!


Until next time! Read on and Enjoy!

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Top 5 Book Boyfriends from 2015

Top 5 Book Boyfriends From 2015

So it’s the New Year and I’m sure we’ll find new book boyfriends we love but I thought I’d honor, though we’ll always remember them, my favorites from 2015. After you’ve read this be sure to go check out my 15 from 2015 Must Reads! Lots of great books for you to check out!

vipers creed

  1. Crash from Viper’s Creed. Crash is a BA assassin with only one weakness. Sora the spoil rich brat he kidnaped in the first book and whom is trying to fight and protect herself. He is from the hive one of the named assassins the Viper. We start to see a deeper relationship form between the two. These two will crack you up with the sweet innocent moments they have they’ll warm your heart and remind you of your first love. (Book 1 Sora’s Quest Free eBook) Sora’s Quest Book review Here! Viper’s Creed review Here!
  2. Ash from Chase the Dark. Ash will make every girl wish she had a sexy draconian fighting by her side. Plus this book has a very hot and steamy scene where both Piper and Ash end up fighting a fight ring in an club. Best SCENE EVER!! (KindleUnlimited book) My review HERE!
  3. Nikolas from Relentless. Nikolas will make any girl wish she was a Mohiri if it means she gets to have the good-looking Nikolas by her side watching over her. Nikolas is a badass fighter and will protect Sarah no matter what. Relentless Review Here! Rogue Review Here!
  4. Gansey from The Raven Boys. Gansey is on a mission and with the help of his friends they’re going to find Gelholder who happened to save his life long ago. Gansey means well but puts his foot in his mouth when it comes to Blue. He just has a big heart and is the buffer between the different personalities of their group of friends. And there are some pretty steamy non kisses between Blue and Gansey.
  5. Rafe from The Kiss of Deception.  Rafe is just a simple Farm boy on vacation or so he seems. He is on a mission and that mission involves Lia or Princess Arabella of Morrighan. His mission is unknown to us but after he meets her all his plans go out the window because she’s getting to close to him. This is a great book and I’m sure all of you will fall for Rafe just as hard as Lia does. Now to figure out who he is and what he wants. (read the first 5 chapters for FREE) Read my book review HERE.

January Favorite Heroines

Top 5 Favorite Heroines of January

After you finish reading this head on over to my 15 from 2015! Lots of great read for you to bring into the New Year!

untitled (8)

  1. Mina from Unenchanted by Chanda Hahn. Mina has only ever had one kind of luck– bad! She keeps a notebook titled “Unaccomplishments and Epic Disasters” but that’s all about to change after she saves the life you classmate, and her crush, Brody Carmichael. Now she’s thrown in this world of Grim fairy tales along with a rude handsome boy named Jared whom doesn’t seem quite human. My review HERE!
  2. Blue from The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater. Blue is the most normal person in her family filled with Psychics. She can’t see the future or anything all she can do is amplify the others power. Yeppie! Another thing she’s been told by everyone since she was little that when she kisses her true love he will die. And it just so happens that this is the year she’ll meet him and now after being in the cemetery St. Mark’s Eve she learns his name Gansey. She also learns he is a Raven Boy someone she’s always avoided. Then she meets him without knowing who he is and hates him after he says the wrong thing. But now she’s helping him and his friends (three other raven boys) in trying to find Gelholder.
  3. Alexa from Defy by Sara Larson. Alexa or as she is now called Alex is the best fighter in the prince’s guard. She and her brother Cut off her hair when they were 14 to save her from having to go to the breeding house. Now, she, the prince and a fellow guard have been kidnapped, or have they? Alexa now has to learn to do what she always thought was impossible– killing a Sorcerer.
  4. Lia from Frost by Kate Avery Ellison. Lia has had to take care of her family ever since her parents died. Now, there’s a farther in her barn and she’s trying to keep him alive knowing that she and her whole family will be in trouble if he were ever found. Now, to save Gabe, the farther she’s grown so close to, she has to trust Adam Brewer a boy she’s hated because she’s thought he caused her parents death.
  5. Mia from Perfekt Order by S.T Bende. Mia is finally in college and has freedom. But on her first day she gets attacked by a beast and was saved by a handsome man only to pass out and discover it didn’t really happen. The same night she runs into the guy whom saved her. His name is Tyr only he isn’t quite what he seems. After being hot and cold for weeks she is thrown into a world of Ancient Mythology and might lose Tyr who she’s grown so close too. My review Here!