Writer’s Wednesday!

Writer’s Wednesday!

writing 10 minutesHey everyone it’s Writer’s Wednesday where I leave you you’re weekly prompt and also tell you how I’m doing in my Lent word count goal. I didn’t give you guys a writing prompt last week or check in with you and so here’s what happened. I did meet my first weeks goal of 10,000 words YAY! So last weeks goal was 12,000 words and I didn’t make it. I know bummer, but last week was CRAZY! My daughter has two molars coming in TWO! So I barely had anytime to do anything! I mean I only got up one book review last week and I didn’t even get to finish one book last week because not only did my daughter have molars cutting through (Teething sucks. I feel so bad for my baby girl) she was sick I was sick and then our whole town was on a water boil order because someone had hit the water main! Do you know how much it sucks to boil water!!! It really sucks! I never want to have to boil water ever again! I really feel for those that have to do it everyday. I know I’m very privilege to have clean running water. It just really sucked find out after do Zumba and having my hubs yell into the phone “DON’T DRINK THE WATER!” as I am drinking said water. So I didn’t meet my goal but I just added the leftover words to this weeks. I’m almost done with last weeks word count and today I’m getting to the best part! where we meet Violet! YAY! Violet is a big part of the book series and I’m so excited I FINALLY get to introduce her to the story. Maybe next week I’ll have a little snippet for you. Maybe. Don’t hold me to it. I really need to edit A LOT!


So anyways it’s time for you’re weekly writing prompt! are you ready? Grab you pen and notepad:

For over 10 years, she’s hidden herself as a mute man.


Sounds like a good one! Can’t wait to see what you come up with! As always feel free to post it on my Facebook Page!

Until next time! Write On and Enjoy!

Morgan 🙂

Confessions of a Virgin Sex Columnist!

Confessions of a Virgin Sex Columnist! by Kay Marie


virgin sex columnist Skylar Quinn has been dreaming of being a writer with her own column and now that it’s happened it’s her worst nightmare because the column she landed happens to be a sex column! The problem is Skylar happens to be a virgin, and it’s not that she’s been saving herself either it’s just because well her college boyfriend said he wanted to save sex for marriage and she thought that was sweet until she discovered he just wanted to save having sex for marriage with the girl he was going to marry. All the while he’s been sleeping around with lots of other girls. And now she just hasn’t had the opportunity. She didn’t even tell her roommate/best friend about her virginity. She ends up making the confession to the love of her life and her best friend’s (Bridget) Brother by accident.

Now Skylar is out there trying to write about her fabulous life that she really doesn’t have. What she really has is a major crush on Oliver and a new boyfriend of one of her evil fashion coworkers who is determined to get Skylar’s job. Can Skylar pull off being a virgin sex columnist? Will Oliver finally see her as something more? Can Skylar do this without losing sight of herself?

LOVED! LOVED! LOVED! This is a read in one sitting kind of book! It’s such a page turner! It’s sex and the city meets the girl next neighbor. Kay Marie is a brilliant writer! All RomCom and chick lit lovers will absolutely LOVE this book! Confessions of a Virgin Sex Columnist is a funny, sweet read that will make you blush from all the feels it will give you. Skylar is a really relatable character. She can’t help but make a fool of herself and we’ve all be there. We’re trying to be really cool and sexy and then we go and pour hot chocolate all of our date. OOPS! It happens to everyone right? Well maybe we haven’t split a hot drink on then but we’ve done other things.

I love the friendship that Bridget and Skylar share! I’m a little jealous of it being away from my friends sucks so much I miss just being able to meet up at the mall with them and grab a bite to eat. I still haven’t made very close friends here in Illinois because all the people I’ve meant have kids and that makes it harder to make plans. anyone in that boat with me? Well at least I still have amazing books like this to read right?

Confessions of a Virgin Sex Columnist is sweet and fun and just the perfect read to sit back and relax and read for a few hours with a tea and chocolate croissant. which I just happen to have made this weekend! YUM!

I give this book 5 Stars Love and can’t wait for book two! Warning it ends in a little cliffhanger!

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Until Next Time! Read On and Enjoy!

Morgan 🙂

Two Cabins, One Lake

Two Cabins, One Lake by Shaye Marlow

+17 Book! Sexual Content!


two cabins one lake “Helly is a volatile blonde with a passion for fishing, a grudging tolerance for the fishermen she guides, and a part-time job putting her sexual fantasies in writing. She lives a quiet life in the Alaskan bush, alone on her little lake with only a spooky dog and her gun collection for company.

But then Gary, the most obnoxious man Helly’s ever met, roars into her life. The mysterious helicopter pilot moves into the cabin across the lake with a vengeance. And fire. And karaoke. He’s a despicably early riser with a penchant for public indecency, a talent for trespassing
 and he’s handsome as the devil, with abs she’d like to lick.

Helly quickly realizes her little lake isn’t big enough for the two of them. After an initial attempt at being reasonable, and responsible, and mature, she gives up—and gives as good as she gets. What follows is a feud of eardrum-battering intensity; a no-holds-barred water fight to the tune of a screaming chainsaw, with her panties caught in the crossfire.

Just when Helly thinks things couldn’t possibly get any worse, her crazy brothers crash the party. In an unforgiving land where even the wildlife is out for blood, can the pair survive long enough for Gary to capture Helly’s heart, along with her wrists? Or will Gary’s past be the final blow, after Helly loses her boat, her dignity, and what’s left of her ammo?”

This is the perfect Rom Com to read over the weekend. What’s better then two headstrong people who love kinky sex? Two headstrong people living in the middle of the woods inn Alaska who have sexual tense and try to make each other miserable. This book will have you laughing and panting for more. Gary is a hot hot hottie we ALL wished lived next door and Helly is a fishermen guide and a erotica writer. And Gary plans to make ALL her sexual desires come true. Well if he can keep her and her brothers from killing him first. But they aren’t the only ones after him. Gary is keeping a secret about why he moved to Alaska and Helly is going to be caught in the cross fires.

I got to say it’s hard picking a favorite part of this book. It’s so funny and steamy. But I do love the part were their sexual tense really shows. The Part after Helly crashes Gary’s jet ski and then he tackles her to the ground. Can you spell H-O-T HOT! But I have to say the absolute best part of the book is the sneak peek of the next book which will having you wanting more!

If you need a steamy sexy weekend read look no further!

I give this book 5 sexy stars!

Until Next Time! Read On and Enjoy, this BOOK!

Morgan 🙂

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Chick Lit List

Chick Lit List

It’s February and that means Valentine’s day! Yay! You know what that means… Chick Lit Month! Yay!

We’ve all read them and we all secretly love them, okay it’s not so secret! If you’re looking for a few more to add to your Must Read List or just looking for a book to get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day here you go! It’s my Chick Lit List!

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Love Handles

Love Handles by Gretchen Galway. Beverly Lewis is a preschool teacher, couch potato, new owner of Fite, and Liam Johnson’s new pain in the rear. He wants to convince Bev not to sell the company to her aunt and run the business from afar, and he do it if he could only he can keep his hands off her. Love this book. It will make you laugh, blush, and just give you all the good feels. This is an absolute must read! plus it’s a Free eBook! My book review.

Emmy and Oliver by Robin Benway. Oliver was kidnapped at the age of 7 and Emmy has never forgotten him. she still has the note from the last day she saw him climb into his dad’s car. Now (blank) years later they’ve found Oliver. He is back and living right next door again, but is he the same boy she knew all those years ago? Oliver is having a hard time readjusting to life with his mom and her new family. The only relief his gets is from spending time with Emmy. And his kidnapping was hard on Emmy too. her parents keep her on a tight leash and her only escape is surfing. Can they get Freedom they need from their parents even with Oliver’s dad still at large? Will Emmy and Oliver be able to be together?

Two Cabins, One Lake by Shaye Marlow. Helly lives in a cabin on a quite lake well that was until her noise neighbor Gary mister helicopter moved into the cabin right across the lake. Now, it’s war between the two. But during this war things get a little steamy. When Helly’s brothers come to visit they don’t help much in fact they keep forcing them to hang out together inviting him whenever they go out and now Helly might not want to stay away from him. But Gary is defiantly hiding something. Can she handle what he’s hiding or will everything go down in a gun fire? My Book Review HERE (KindleUnlimited) 

Suddenly a Bride by Ruth Ann Nordin. What would you do if suddenly after having the best sex of your life with a stranger you just meant that you were now married to him and he was in fact an alien? Will I know I would freak out and call the police not that it would have done much since all the documents you own now state that your married and even your boss figured out that you got married and needs to correct the name on your check. This is the reality that Caitlyn finds herself in when Rilo now Chris West makes a payment to the Star System Unlimited for a life mate. Now, she has to show him the ropes and integrate him into her family where her judgmental mother won’t stop butting in. This is a cute and entraining read I’m sure you’ll enjoy. +17 Free eBook

Keep me Ghosted by Karen Cantwell. Do you believe in ghosts? Sophie Rhodes has a live in ghost named Marmaduke and is on the look out for a new job. Enter the new Optometrist Dr. Callahan in the scene. When she goes to interview for the job it is clear from the start that the young handsome doctor needs help and he also seems to have a ghost too. Though his ghost moon flower doesn’t seem to be very nice and has latched on hard to Cal. With the help of Sophie and Maramaduke they discover the mystery involving Moonflower and how to help her Passover before she ruins Cal’s business. Cute read and Prefect paranormal chick lit!

Alphabet Dating by Monique McDonell. Serena finds herself the only single gal on the girls weekend with her college friends and twin sister. The girls come up with a ridiculous plan to set her up on 26 dates in a month to get her out there. Crazy right? One date for each letter of the alphabet and each date will have to do something that starts with that letter. What could go wrong? Well they’re blind dates they almost always go wrong but there’s seems to be something a little more wrong with the dates her twin is setting her up on then the others. Then there’s Harvey her writing and coffee buddy who always seems to be there when she needs him. I love this book and have read it more then once and really wish there was a second book in the series. Read my Book Review. (KindleUnlimited).

My Side by Erin Leigh.What happens when you put a law student and a rock star in the same apartment? Well, there’s lots of arguing that’s a given and then well sparks just start to fly. Meet Erin Benson Law Student and Book worm she thinks that she’s out to start a new and wonderful life until she walks on a surprising roommate shacking up with some girl in another room. Meet Lochlan the new lead singer of the band Thin Ice. They didn’t know they were going to be roommates but he doesn’t think the living situation will be a problem and he is also determined to make this bookworm his. But will his fame make it hard for them to be together with fan girls throwing themselves at him all the time? Find out! (KindleUnlimited)

Neanderthal Seeks Human by. Penny Reid Jane Morris is having the worst day. She has broken up with her boyfriend and has now find herself out a job, and to make matter worst she finds herself stuck in her office bathroom without toilet paper while there is no doubt a security guard wait at her desk to escort her out of the building. That being said when she discovers it the guard that she’s been spying on for weeks because he is so hot she is even more embarrassed and lets her freak flag fly while around him. The good thing is he doesn’t seem to mind. In fact he seems to like it and her a lot. He even offers her a job but can an employee and boss date and who is he really? I love this book! I recommend it to everyone I know who loves romance and knitting. Although Jane doesn’t knit she’s in a knitting group. It’s the prefect Chick Lit Book! and it’s a FREE eBook.

The Girl and The Genie by E. M. Lilly. While shopping one day Emily Mignon comes across a chest that happens to hold a genie who will grant her 9 wishes. Emily is determined to find love and is going to use her wishes and loopholes to find it. Very cute and sweet read that is prefect for a raining day. (KindleUnlimited)

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Stan: The Awakening

Stan: The Awakening by Richard Wold

*** I was giving this book for free in return for a book review by Vicki Drane. This review is still my true feelings.

Bipolar. Schizophrenic. Delusional.

Angels and Demons. God and Satan.

stan Stan Foster has just jumped of the George Washington Bridge and survived. The only thing he knows, his name. That and that he has these weird visions whenever he touches someone. Now he is in a psychiatrist hospital where Dr. Abigail Petrus is trying to diagnosis him with what she’s not sure because he doesn’t seem to hit any of the marks, but she does know one thing Stan seems to be a nice and charming man. After Stan does an amazing art project Abby takes a picture of it and happens to find an art piece like it and discovers who Stan Foster really is. Now Stan is thrown into this art world with the help of his agent Lilith. Old Stan seem to be very dark in his art pieces and he wants to change that but Lilith doesn’t want him to.

Lilith wants the old Stan back and will do anything to make that happen. Abby is trying to help Stan figure out these dream and visions while also fighting him on becoming more then just doctor and patient. When Abby finds him a doctor though something evil comes out of Stan and she’s not to sure she likes it. She still doesn’t have a diagnosis for him but she is sure there is something wrong with him. And it brings up painfully memories from her past.

Stan has discovered who and what he really is along with who and what Lilith and his new Doctor- Dr. Uphir. Lilith and Dr. Uphir want Stan to embrace the real him but Stan is not too sure he believes them or even wants to become the real him. He hurt and scared Abby and is becoming a shell of a man. At the end the only person that can save Stan is Abby, but will she forgive him for all the evil he has caused to others and herself?

Can Abby save him? Will Stan give into the evil inside him? Who and What is Stan? Who are Lilith and Dr. Uphir?

Amazing! This book is so AMAZING! at first I wasn’t sure I was going to like this book, but after the first chapter I was completely absorbed into this world that Richard Wold created.  At first I thought maybe Stan was a psychic or something but I was totally thrown by what I discovered who he actually was. If it wasn’t for the fact I had to taken care of my daughter and my house I would have just sat in my chair and finished this book in one sitting it was that good. I didn’t want to put it down. I wanted to know what was going to happen next an I was a little in awe and disgusted by the art Stan creates last.

My FAVORITE part of the book was Abby and Stan’s “non” date. It was cute and sweet and was just the warmth the book needed. Richard Wold is a wonderful writer. If you like books about Demons and Angels, Light and Dark this is the book for you!

I give this book 4**** and one thumbs up! it was that amazing!

Until Next Time! Read On and Enjoy!

Morgan 🙂

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3 Lies

3 Lies

eyesHey everyone! Happy writers Wednesday! and Happy Ash Wednesday we can’t eat meat today and it’s time for us to give something up as well. This Lent I will be giving up soda and I’m also setting a writing goal for myself. I want to have 72,000 words written in my A Fairy Story. and I want 86,000 words written by Easter. This is a BIG writing goal for me and I hope that I can make it. Every Wednesday I’ll post my writing goal for the week and my total word count for that week. this weeks goal is 10,000 words by Valentine’s Day. I started last night and have 2,087 down already. Check in next week to see if I made it!

Now it’s time for our weekly prompt. If you don’t have a story idea I think this prompt might just help you.

Everyone only gets to lie 3 times in their life so they only do so when it’s an absolute must. Write a story about how someone lied 3 times in one day!


Sounds thrilling! I can’t wait to read what you have written!

Until Next Time! Write On and Enjoy!

Morgan 🙂

Love Handles

Love Handles (A Romantic Comedy) (Oakland Hills Book 1) by Gretchen Galway

FREE eBook!

Love Handles Beverly Lewis is a preschool teacher, couch potato, new owner of Fite, and Liam Johnson’s new pain in the rear. He wants to convince Bev not to sell the company to her aunt and run the business from afar, and he do it if he could only he can keep his hands off her.

Bev loses her job at the preschool for loving too much and is at a lost. Going against her family wishes and the hopes of Liam she decides not only the keep Fite but the move there and run the business herself. She hopes that she will prove to her family that she is strong and can run a business and maybe even bring together the family whom were torn apart so long ago. Liam is determined to show Bev that she couldn’t possibly want to run Fite and will do anything to make her see it and run her away. The thing is he isn’t the only one. Someone else in the company is trying to sabotage Bev too. Now, it’s Liam to the rescue and they both come to an agreement on how to run the business together. Sure, he is still trying to show Bev the door so he can run Fite but he isn’t doing it so underhanded now. The first problem to figure out together, the Fit. There’s something wrong with the women’s clothing line and that’s the first thing Liam and Bev need to address together. And doing so starts with Bev a real or average sized women trying on the fitness wear. Let me tell you now sparks fly in that dressing room and it’s only the beginning.

Can Bev and Liam save Fite together? Can Bev bring her family back together? Who is trying to make life Hell for Bev? Can Bev and Liam have a working relationship and a personal one?

If you RomCom this is the PREFECT book for you. It’s sweet. It’s funny. And Liam is an absolute HUNK! Love handles will give you all the feels. It will make you smile, laugh, blush and even throw your book (or reading device) down a few times in angry or embarrassment for Bev. This book gets down right steamy. Love Handles will have you ready for Valentine’s day which is right around the corner.

One of my favorite parts of this book (nonsexual) will have to be when Bev has her first meeting at Fite. Liam had been in a rush trying to have a presentation ready for her because he had decided not to embarrass her in front of everyone but couldn’t get it ready in time, but he need not to. Bev shows up with goodies and an employee whom is usually a grump carrying them all in for her with a smile. The girl actually brings Doughnuts and cookies to a fitness company meeting, and you know what they ALL loved her. Even Liam was admiring her more after that meeting.

I also like how he is always to the recuse being the boy next door and helping her when she can’t get into her house. Weather it be getting the spare keys, climbing through a second story window or just staying over to make sure she’s safe. Liam is there for her and it’s super sweet.

I give this book 4 ****. it’s the prefect RomCom and I so enjoyed it!

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Until next time! Read on and enjoy!

Morgan 🙂

February Book Boyfriends

February Book Boyfriends <3

My top 5 book boyfriends of the month are from YA romance and Chick Lit novels to follow the Chick Lit Month Theme and to get you in the Valentine’s Day mood. These books will defiantly got you in the lovey dovey mood. Love these Guys! You’ll see why they made the list!

Who are you Favorite Book Boyfriends! Let me know!

emmy and oliverOliver from Emmy & Oliver by Robin Benway. Oliver is a little lost being thrown back into his old life after being kidnaped by his own father and finding out during a field trip to the police station where he volunteered to get his finger prints taking. His dad is still out there and it has Emmy and Oliver’s parents on the edge. Emmy and Oliver find comfort in each other and there old friendship the had from the past and in their new passion suffering. Great book for you YA Lovers like myself. Bittersweet ending.

Xander from The Distance Between Us by Kasie West. Xander is sweet and defiantly likes Caymen . Neither of them know what they want to do when they get older so they set up different jobs to do. He is a trooper going through the weird jobs she sets up for him. Even gets a blood blister. Xander really understands Caymen and sets up THE best job for her. He even figures out something about her family history she never knew which creates some problems between them.

Liam Johnson from Love Handles by Gretchen Galway. Liam is an Olympian swimmer, Executive Vice President of Fite Fitness, and the boy who grew up next door to her grandfather, the protĂ©gĂ©. They don’t get off on the right foot but when do they ever right? But after running into each other and him helping after someone keeps sabotaging her home and office they grow closer. Can they work together and have a relationship? This is a great book and they get a little steamy in a dressing room. 17+ (FREE eBook)

Dr. Callahan from Keep Me Ghosted by Karen Cantwell. Cal is an Optometrist who just so happens to have a ghost that’s latched on to him. Her name is Moonflower and she’s very jealous so when he hires Sophie she tires to get rid of her. Cal and Sophie try to not date but their attraction to each other is to strong. They even take on a jealous ghost to be together. This is a cute book that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

Gary from Two Cabins and One Lake by Shaye Marlow. Gary is the mysterious guy across the lake from Helly’s cabin. He has a helicopter and is constantly hammering and sawing in the mornings waking her up. But things steam up after he chases her down after she crashes his jet ski and tackles her to the ground. Let the games begin. This is a REALLY steamy novel and is a book for adults 17+. You won’t be disappointed with this book. I love the part where he catches her trying to climb in his window. It’s a nice little bite! 😉 (KindleUnlimited)


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Until Next Time! Read on and Enjoy!

Morgan 🙂

Sick/Twisted Writing Prompt

Sick/Twisted Writing Prompt

writingIt’s Writers Wednesday Everyone! Yay! I have a fun prompt for you today… well I think it’s a fun prompt because there’s so much you can do with it. I would create a character based on this prompt. You can really be creative with this prompt and I hope you enjoy it. And as always please feel free to comment below!


“I’m not sick, I’m Twisted. Sick makes it sound like there’s a cure.”


Well there you have it! hope you have fun with it.

Until next time! Write on and Enjoy!

Morgan 🙂

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Halfway Bitten

Halfway Bitten By Terry Maggert

*** Spoilers*** If you have not read book 1 Halfway Dead there are spoilers for you! Do NOT read this until you’ve read book one! Click HERE for my book review. Click HERE to go buy the book!

***I received this book for Free and in return I promised a book review. This is still an Honest review!

Out February 9, 2016

KindleUnlimited Book!

halfway bitten

“So, when I looked up and saw six clowns sitting at the counter, I took a moment. Okay, if you want to get technical I froze. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not scared of clowns…” … a little face paint and red noses don’t frighten me.”

So we’re back with Carlie in the small town Halfway, NY. the last we saw her she just got back from Thendara and she was meeting Wulfric, her sexy Half Viking Half Vampire boyfriend, under the stars. It was a sweet moment after what they went through in Thendara and after Carlie finds out Anna took Wulfric’s daughter. That darn werepanther. But that was just the start for White Witch Carlie. We aren’t the only ones in Halfway there’s also a circus with clowns, not that they scare Carlie they don’t make her uncomfortable while they’re in her dinner. Nope not at ALL! It all started with a blood written note slipped through Carlie’s mail slot she goes to her grandmother to discus it when she finds out that there’s a body of a young girl. Once they see the body, which was stored in an ice cream shop freezer, they know the poor girl was used as a feeder to many many vampires. Let’s just say Carlie and her Gran are furious and any Vamp on their land better watch themselves because they’re out for blood! As they look in to the matter they discover there’s many vamps on their land and they’re here for a blood gift. Gran is sure that it has to do with the ringmaster from the circus. Will Carlie, Wulfric, and Gran be able to save their town? Read the book and find out!

LOVED IT! This was such a good read! It was a much needed read after Raylie (My Daughter) gave me such a hard time for a few days. There was one thing I didn’t like about the book and that was the fact the Wulfric didn’t show up until almost halfway through the book. Yes, I understand that he has his own place and needs to tend to his lands but come on! I needed more Wulfric right away. I’m a women and I want what I want hahah. But even though we didn’t have Wulfric we did have some eye candy in the form of Anna’s brother Alex. Pretty cute guy who is nothing like his sister who we hate! We also get a little insight into what else the brother and sister are from Gran and Carlie.

Carlie learns more in this book as well. Gran thinks it’s time for her to expand her magic and teaches her some new things I don’t want to get into much detail here because that wouldn’t be any fun for you but I’m excited about! I love how when she performs thing she explains why it’s used. I like it because how many times have we read something and it seems like just a bunch of random and weird ingredients and we have no idea what it does or why it’s used. I also think her witch mark is super cool. I don’t know about you guys but it’s new for me and I like it!

I give this book 4**** and a thumbs up.

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Until next time! Read on and Enjoy!

Morgan 🙂

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