Halfway Hunted

Halfway Hunted (Halfway Witchy Book 3) by Terry Maggret


***I was giving this eBook for free in exchange for a book review but that doesn’t impact my rating!

halfway hunted I love this book series! its so original and he always surprises me with what’s coming in the next book. This book was an absolute joy to read!

This is the Third book in the series if you haven’t read this first book Halfway Dead please read that book first! Read my review on it here! ——–> Halfway Dead Review <——–

“He began to fade back into the snow, but not before offering me words that cut more than the knife. “I may, if am hungry. Protect yourself, little witch.” And with that, he was gone.” — Chapter 14

We last saw Carlie after she saved her town and ending the Bloodgift and heart broken over Wulfric, but it’s not long until something stranger arrives in Halfway. Well I guess he didn’t just arrive there more that he had just awoken after the average and completely normal century long sleep. No, biggie. Meet Exit Wainwright a miner engineer. He has awoken from what Gran and Carlie think was blood magic. As they dig into Exit’s life to find whom ever did this to him. But as they dig they discover that there’s something amiss with his wife.

While helping Exit Carlie struggles with a decision to help Wulfric because if she helps him it will involve: Purity, Time, and Blood. Carlie is a white witch and blood magic is dangerous it has side effects that Carlie doesn’t even know of but Wulfric is the love of her life. He is worth it.

Can Carlie help Exit and solve this Century old crime, Defeat a ruthless killer and find a way to save the love of her life? She can with the help of her Gran and Friends.

I really loved this book! The best of the series so far! And though I hate to give things away you’ll be happy to know that it’s a happy ending. I love reading and seeing how Carlie grows into her magic. I can’t wait for the next book. They are always great reads.

I give this book 5 stars it will most defiantly be read again. Thinking about having a read along with this series. Be looking out for that!

Until Next Time! Read On and Enjoy! 🙂