Desk Cleaning

Desk Cleaning!

I’m cleaning off my desk so I can start blogging again and while cleaning I found lots of great stuff I thought you might enjoy!

messy desk So as with most people my desk tends to get a little messy. Well let’s just real I’ve come to think of my desk as a place where things go to die. I don’t use it often because I’m a mom and I tend to write in the living on the couch. So then the couch becomes messy and you can’t sit on it because it’s covered in my papers and notebooks and it drives my husband CRAZY! It drives me crazy as well but what can you do. I can’t just hold myself up in my office and write while Raylie is off playing in the living room. I can do it while she’s eating breakfast because it’s right off the kitchen and I can see her and she can see me but I’m pregnant and since I can’t have coffee in the morning there is no way I’m actually ready to be awake when she wakes up. This is why she’s been getting cold pop tarts and cereal in the mornings because I don’t want to cook! I miss the days where she had second breakfast because we actually ate eggs and bacon in the mornings when she’d wake up for a snack and then go back to sleep so I could get a few extra hours to cook her a meal. But that doesn’t happen anymore.

I got off topic there. Sorry I’m a mommy and pregnant my mind wonders a lot which is why my beloved blog has been suffering so. So now that I’m 18 weeks I’m going to try and do a better job. Meaning I’m cutting back on the amount of posts to one a week and my Book Boyfriend monthly post to just One Amazing book boyfriend a month instead of 5. And to start off with my new schedule I decided it was time to clean off my desk and start using it again.


desk cleaning 4 While cleaning I find lots of great stuff. I tend to leave myself notes while I’m writing (If you didn’t know I’m working on my own book and that has been suffering as well.) they are short and written very sloppy because I try not to ruin my writing flow. But then when I find these said notes I can’t help but laugh because half the time I have NO CLUE what they mean!!!!

Like this note. I DON’T KNOW who these people are or why I care that their dad’s name is Garry! Apparently I thought it was important at one time I’m guessing late at night but now… NO CLUE! See this is where things go to die! Like Garry and his sons. I didn’t know I created you but you are now dead. Sorry :/


blog cleaning

Here I thought hey why not show how I plan my blog posts out on a smooth week and then a crazy one, I also leave myself notes in my planners like Ask mom about jeans??? I don’t know what that was about but I actually planned to ask my mother about it in advance. Yes, I know most of you are probably really shocked my blog is planned out! Yes, I don’t put thought into what I’m going to write ahead of time. Amazing! I know! I actually put a lot of thought into what books I’m going to review and what I kind of week I want my blog to be about. I even plan on which post to share again on social media to go along with what’s going on during the weeks. Like if school’s just starting or ending, or if there’s a holiday I try to come with a book to help with your moods. And if it’s a 100 degrees out in the middle of summer I may post about a book set in winter to help you cool off a bit because it’s all in the mind, sometimes, but it might help you cool off along with an ice cold adult (or not) beverage.


desk cleaning 3

Oh look! It’s a picture of my friends! This picture was taking at post prom my senior year of high school. We are now all mommies! How CRAZY is that! I’m going to make sure this memory has a special place on my desk after I finish cleaning it! I miss these ladies! Sometimes I still wished I lived back home in Nebraska so I could see them more.

Oh look! Another weird note I left myself! I guess I just like the description here and jotted it down quickly.

deck cleaning


Well this was fun but I think it’s time to see the finished Product don’t you! I would also like to say No I don’t use the Mac that’s on the desk that was my husband’s attempt of trying to steal my desk. No joke a week after I created this desk for myself which was originally in the living room and put his computer on it. Let me tell you! That didn’t not make me a very happy wife. But I let it go because you need to pick your battles right! Oh and I made that beautiful purple fox at Pottery Hallow when my bestie Erika came to visit me this summer. I need to print a picture of us and place it on my desk as while.

clean desk

Another quick the junk you can see in the mac is not my stuff it’s my husband’s clothes because he happens to think he needs his own closet. Why? I don’t know because there’s plenty of room in the closet in our room for both of our clothes and he tends to just put his clothes on the guest bed. But now my desk is all clean and I found a place for the picture of my friends and everything is back in its rightful place except for my husband’s computer… but I let that go remember!

Well that’s all I have for you! Until Next Time! Read on and Enjoy!

Morgan 🙂


Book Boyfriends of the Month

It’s July and it’s been a while since I’ve posted a book boyfriend post due to my horrible morning sickness that has become so much better now. And what better way to celebrate not feeling sick anymore then posting about some HOT HOT HOTTIES!

aurora Sky Vampire Hunter First up on the list Fane from the Aurora Sky Vampire Hunter series. I’m sad but overjoyed to say that the LAST book of the series is coming out this month but it has been a great run reading about Aurora and Fane. Fane isn’t your average book boyfriend for one he is a vampire and second he really does have horrible hair. I cringe every time I read about that little detail, but he’s personality and absolute sexiness exceeds the need for prefect hair. lol. Fane is bad ass and will do anything to make sure Aurora is safe even if she’s pushing him away and right now as I’m rereading the series I can’t help but fall in love with him again. It’s a great series to get hooked on! Start reading today! My Book Review HERE! Free eBook

Next on the my book boyfriend list is another new one for me because he is a little younger then most of my book boyfriends but is totally sweet and if my daughter ends up with a book friend like him I wouldn’t be able to say no to her. Keefe from the Keepers of the Lost Cities series is one of my new obsessions. I love Love LOVE these books! seriously if you have a little nieces birthday coming up get her these books and read them with her because these YA books are prefect for any age. Truly a work of art and Keefe is a good bad boy we all had the hots for back in the day. And when they share their sweet little moments it takes you back to the day where you had your first crush. you know what I’m talking about! Buy Link!

Now, it’s Lucian’s turn from the Cassidy Edwards series. This badass black warlock will steal your heart the moment he makes Cassidy part of his team as a spellfinder. their chemistry is off the charts and it’s great entrainment to watch them try to fight it. I wish they would fight it but if they didn’t the moments when they lose control and give into each wouldn’t be so well hot! If you’re looking for a book with plenty of steamy kisses looking no further because this is the PREFECT book! See my book review right HERE! KindleUnlimited

Fourth we have Evan my newest book boyfriend from Touched The Caress of Fate. Sigh, he is an angel of death and is deathly hot! And only has eyes for dear sweet Gemma although he loses a few bonus points for making her think she’s going crazy. I mean come on! That’s just not cool! You can’t do that to the women you love and then of course I look over at my husband and realize that well all men drive us crazy hers was just a little more unfortunate. Throughout the book we watch as Evan struggles with his duty, orders, and the love he has for Gemma. Let’s just say after reading this book I wouldn’t mind having my own angel of death watching over me… well as long as he’s like Evan. Buy Link! KindleUnlimited

And Finally. William from The Dusk Gate Chronicles Omnibus. William is very distance at first and tries to keep Quinn at arms length after the she follows him through the gate. I mean Will has worked really hard trying to keep himself from making links to her world and making sure no one finds the gate and now here she is just walking right on through like she didn’t just make he’s life incredible difficult. And then Quinn finds out the quite bookworm from school is actually a prince and a doctor. While let’s just say don’t judge a book by the cover. Open that book up and make it tell you all of it’s secrets. Buy Link! KindleUnlimited!

Until next time! Read On and Enjoy!

Morgan 🙂


Aurora Sky Vampire Hunter

Aurora Sky Vampire Hunter by Nikki Jefford

Free eBook.

aurora Sky Vampire Hunter

 ” “I don’t want to go back home. She’ll want me to decorate and eat cookies,”

Fane laughed. “Clearly you come from a dysfunctional family.” “–Chapter 4

Aurora Sky finally gets accepted to her dream school () Only to get in  horrible car accident and die… well she dies but not for long. Aurora happens to be apart of the small community that has AB Negative blood and the government has saved her to become one of their hunters. a hunter of what? A vampire Hunter of course. I know get the laughs out of your system because they are totally serious. Now, Aurora finds herself going to vampire parties trying to take out her targets of Vampires who’ve gotten a little too greedy with their blood lust. Great, and to think all she really wanted to accomplish with her life was get out of Alaska and get her first kiss from a boy. Her new list:

Kill Fist Vampire

Get Drunk

Kiss a Boy

Lose Virginity

One more to go!

But her new career isn’t her only problem. Her parents are constantly fighting and it’s mostly about her and how she’s not the same anymore. And then there’s the fact that the only boy she can think about might not be who she think he is. And she might have to become an ally with the biggest B*tch in school.

I personally LOVED this book! It is Laugh out funny. Aurora will just crack you up constantly. Do NOT read this book if you’re reading it during quite reading time in class because you will not be able to keep your laughs to yourself don’t even try. Aurora Sky is pretty kick ass not in the she can fight amazingly well like Buffy the Vampire Slayer but she defiantly has the funnies to put her in the top of your favorite vampire hunters. I love the parts between her and Fane and her auto rehabilitation lessons, they have amazing chemistry. You’ll also love her partner  Dante. He’s sweet and Fun loving and has no problem taking Aurora out of her comfort zone.

——————–> Buy Link <——————

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I give this book 5 stars! It is Laugh OUT LOUD funny! Such a great book and you’ll be sure to enjoy this book over and over again!

Until Next time Read on and Enjoy!

Morgan 🙂