It’s Just a Little Crush

It’s Just a Little Crush (Lizzie Hart Mysteries Book 1) by Caroline Fardig

“That was easy. Thanks.”

“Anyime. I’m easy.” Oh holy hell. Did I really just say what I thought I said? Yes, I must have because Blake is smiling at me a little too widely as he returns to his desk, leaving me trying to refrain from melting into a large puddle of goo on the floor.—- Lizzie Hart Chapter 1 Page 6

just-a-little-crush Lizzie Hart is like any normal with a crush. When Blake Morgan walks into the office every morning time seems to slow and when he walks by it’s like all the air has been sucked out of the room. Surprise, surprise ladies, we don’t ever grow out of that phase. When we see a hot guy it seems like all brain function ceases to exist and when come off looking like idiots with drool running down our chins. Now, Blake has a little reputation that leaves something to be desired meaning he’s coming off like a man whore to the small town he has just moved too. And he is also way out of Lizzies league. Now, there’s a murder in the small town and with big news like this the newspaper Lizzie and Blake work at are all over it. But after Lizzie’s friend and coworker dies she’s determined to figure out who the killer is (Even if the police have ruled the death an accident) and since Lizzie had witnessed Blake arguing with their coworker not long before she was killed it’s not looking good for Blake. And when he seems to be stalking her on her investigation it looks more like he was involved. Can Lizzie figure out who the killer is before she strikes again? Is Blake innocent? Will Lizzie get over her little crush?

You will fall in love with Lizzie, she is quirky and not good at sleuthing. But she’s so endearing that you won’t mind. I love this mysteries series because I feel like the investigation is more realistic then most books I read where the clues about whom the killer is are obvious. Lizzie happens to be just as clueless as the readers. Sometimes I feel like the Characters are way smarter than they should be. Lizzie is realistic compared to most. And she Cracks me up! Her love life, is a confusing mess, but she’ll have you wanting more and heading back to get the next book. Even makes you go over your set book budget for the month. Shush! Don’t tell my Husband! A fast-paced book, you’ll have a hard time putting it down and the series will leave you reading late into the night.

My favorite Charater in this book has to be Lizzie’s cat Bob whom came with the house after Lizzie’s grandmother passed away and left her the house. Bob doesn’t care much for Lizzie and the feeling is mutual. In fact the only one that Bob seems to like is Blake. Could that be a good sign for Lizzie?

I give this book 4 stars and a thumbs up! A MUST READ if you love Cozy Mysteries!

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Until Next Time Read On and Enjoy!

Morgan 🙂

BWP: Laughing

Book Worm Problem: Laughing Out Loud in Public

Tilt view close-up of woman sitting on white couch and giggling as she hold a book up to her face. Horizontal format.

Like you bookworms I have often gotten absorbed into the book I was reading and busted out laughing at the humorous situations the characters have gotten themselves into. I just shake it off most of the time on that I’m, but when I happened while I was younger I would get so embarrassed and I would try hiding behind my book although that would leave the tittle of the book showing and sometimes that would make it worse. (One of the guys in my class read the cover of my book one and shouted “Morgan! What kind of book are you reading?” I happened to be reading the first book of the Jessica Darling series. ‘Nough said right!”) My favorite time in English class would be those first ten minutes were we would be “forced” to have quite reading time. While most of the class groaned at the beginning of the class I would pout at the end when he would make me put my book away.

One day during my 10 grade English class I happened to reading an EXTERMLY hilarious book. The main character was CRAZY! She was always getting into these INSANE situation. Like having to shave her head after a bad haircut even though she was going on a first date THAT night! Let’s just say I was trying to keep my laughs in. I was trying so hard that I had tears streaming down my face! The boy I happened to have a major crush kept tapping me on my shoulder asking me if I was okay. I was covering my mouth with one hand my face hurting from the wide grin plastered to my face while I was trying to wave him off with the other hand! Finally I broke down and under covered my mouth laughing so loud the whole class turned to look at me. I just shrugged and said “I’m sorry but this girl is INSANE!” My Best Friend at that time smiles and nods because she had just finished the book the week before. She totally understood what I was going through!

So my point is we’ve all been there and there’s nothing to feel ashamed of! In fact write an amazing review for that author and mention the story along with it! They we appreciate it and they might even reply back to you! And Then recommend the book to your friends! In fact please share a book that has made you LOL for reals down in the comments I love hearing from you. And more importantly I LOVE getting Book Recommendations!


Until Next Time! Read on and Enjoy!

Morgan 🙂

Ghostly Interests

Ghostly Interests (A Harper Harlow Mystery Book 1) by Lily Harper Hart


ghostly Interests “Harper Harlow lives in a world of ghosts.
She sees them. She talks to them. She investigates them. She sends them on their merry way.
She’s not embarrassed by her abilities, and she’s not afraid to be who she is. She’s also not looking for a relationship.
Enter Jared Monroe, a smooth-talking police detective who sees things in black and white and ignores any shades of gray. He doesn’t believe in ghosts, and while he’s intrigued by the feisty blonde ghost detective, he’s not interested in the paranormal.
When twenty-one-year-old Annie Dresden’s body washes up on the beach of Whisper Cove, Harper and Jared collide. Sparks may be flying, but so is confusion and mistrust.
Harper calls on her loyal band of ghost hunters to solve the crime, and Jared relies on his training to tackle the same problem. It doesn’t matter what approach they take because all paths are destined to intersect.
Can Harper and Jared learn to work together? And, more importantly, can new ghosts let go of the past and give in to an obscure future? It’s anyone’s guess when big personalities go to war and find they might have more in common than they think.”

I LOVE Harper and Zander’s Friendship yes they are a little codependent but they are so AWESOME! They always have each others backs and aren’t afraid to tell each other how it is! The fights they get into will crack you up. It’ll make you wish that you had your very own Zander. And if you do have a Zander you are a very lucky girl!

I love how the sparks fly between Harper and Jared. And I know up above it says that Jared only sees in black and white but it doesn’t take Harper too long to get him to start changing his mind. But let’s be real girls. When a man sees something he wants he’s willing to change a little. And I say a LITTLE! Don’t go trying to change everything about a man. Read book to see what I’m talking about!

My favorite part of the book has to be when Jared arrests Harper at Annie’s house. EVERYONE flips out on Jared and enter Harper’s mother into the station and you’ll be laughing your butt off. Poor Jared didn’t understand what himself into when he entered this small close-knit town. Small towns have rules of their own. Especially were the townsfolks are concerned. But even after all that drama Harper and Jared come together and solve the mystery.

This book is 265 pages but it’s a fast paced read. You’ll have it finished and downloading the book by the end of the day. It’s a very enjoyable series that will have you coming back for more!

I give this book 4 stars! Get it today!

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Until next time! Read on and Enjoy!

Morgan 🙂

September Book Boyfriend

Book Boyfriend of September

Yay! It’s Book Boyfriend of the month time! As always it’s hard to pick which one of my loves I’m going to give the honor of the month too but I have chosen and you won’t be disappointed!

to kill a warlock Knightley Vander (Knight) from the Dulcie O’Neil series. I picked the first book from this series To Kill a Warlock by H.P. Mallory up Free from scrolling through my daily email from if you haven’t signed up for bookbub do so now because you won’t regret it!

Knight is a Loki who was sent to work a Confidential case with Dulcie. Dulcie has never heard or seen a Loki before and we all have to admit he is flipping badass. She throws everything she has at him when they first meet and he just shakes it off and comes for her. And along with his Badassness he is also super SEXY! And he wants to work privately and CLOSELY with Dulcie! I don’t know how she can keep herself from ripping his clothes off especially when they’re in Dagan’s S&M club, Payne.

Pick up To Kill A Warlock today, you will not regret it!

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