Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Sweater

Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Sweater by Debbie Johnson

“Get in,” he said, scooting over to one side of the bed, and giving her hand a tug. “There’s plenty of room.” She tried to break free, but he held on to her hand, pulling her closer until she was slammed right up against the edge of the bed.

“What?! No! Don’t be daft!” she said, her voice shrill, eyes rolling slightly like a panicked horse.

“Get in! I think you need a hug, and I happen to have a black belt in hugging. Don’t worry – your virtue’s safe with me, I don’t really think I’m up to anything more.” – Chapter 13.


Maggie O’Donnell is a single mom of a wonderful grown lady named Ellen. Ellen and her father (Paddy) fill her life with joy. Little does she know for the first time she may be spending Christmas alone. Lucky for her the week before she crashed, literally, into handsome Marco Cavelli. Now, thanks to a meddling Sister-in-Law Maggie is now stuck taking care of this man in her own home. But hw bad can it be to have a handsome man in your house. Well when you haven’t been close to a man in many, many years it can be quite difficult. The situations Maggie and Marco get into will have you cringing, laughing, blushing, and sighing. Basically ALL the feels! But Maggie has a secret no one knows and she might just let it get in between her and Marco. Will they work to overcome it or will they let it tear them apart?

I so enjoyed reading this book. I actually read it last year after Christmas and have been DYING to write a review about it. But who wants to read a Christmas book in summer? So I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to share it with you All. I have to say one of my favorite parts is in the second chapter when Maggie and her daughter Ellen both happen to been checking out the Hot Papa at the park (AKA Marco who turns out to just be playing with his nephew.) You can really see how close they are to each other and how they love to tease one another. They kind of remind me about the Gilmore Girls and their relationship.

I really love Marco’s family and you will too! They are nosy and meddlesome and if you read Cold feet at Christmas you can get even more of them. Plus Marco the very sexy 6’5 man has a TWIN brother! WHAT? Yes! There’s two of them! Feel free to swoon, I know I did! I really love how Maggie and Marco start to fall for each other. This is really a sweet and caring read. and I’m sure you all will enjoy this Christmas chick lit book!

I give this book 5 Stars that can go right to the top of the Christmas Tree.

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