My Book List

So I know I’m horrible about getting my blog update and leaving reviews for you guys. Between raising my two kids and working on my own writing my blog has taken a back seat. I haven’t even been reading as much as I would like too. But I am still reading so I thought I would take this time to share a couple of my favorite books I have read since I’ve had Landon back in December.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.

 5 Stars

OMG! I really enjoyed this book! it has been on my book list for awhile and my mother-in-law bought it for me for Christmas. It was a page turner and I had to close the book a few times because I got embarrassed for Cath many many times. I could even relate to her a little about the eating at school and not knowing if you’re doing something wrong. I always hate when I’m not sure how things work and there’s no one there to explain things to me. I really dislike Cath and Wern’s mother. And at a couple points wanted to hit Wern, Cath’s twin sister, because she was being such a B****.  I LOVE Levi! He is so good for Cath and he cracks me up. And I love how he embraces her weird fangirl-ness. My husband doesn’t get me just nods and goes back to whatever he’s doing!


Nearly Departed in Deadwood (Deadwood Humorous Mystery Book 1) by Ann Charles

 5 Stars

If you need a new paranormal mystery series in your life look no further. Violet cracks me up and this book is full of pretty big and crazy characters that will keep you on your toes. Such as her twin 9 year olds. Her daughter Addy who is always bring home animals and her son Layne likes to dig up her aunts backyard finding bones of animals and putting them back together. They go through a lot of glue. And then there’s the strange, mysterious but handsome Doc who is new to town and looking for a house, she also has no clue what he does for a living or why he gets “allergic” reactions while showing some houses. This series will crack you up and have you going back to Amazon to buy the rest of the series FAST! The books only took my one or two days each and I can’t get enough!

*** There is some hot action in this book!!!!


I hope you check these books out they really are great! And I’ll try to get on more but I’m trying really hard to finish my own book. I want to get it out by the end of this year. It’s a different series than the one I’ve been working one because that series I’m creating multiple worlds and it’s going to take a few years before I have all the kinks worked out. This Trilogy I’m working on won’t take that long. I hope to show you a little of my writing soon!

Until Next Time Read on and Enjoy!

Morgan 🙂