A Christmas Kerril

A Christmas Kerril by Denise Jaden

a christmas Kerril

This was a cute little book! Great for all you YA lovers out there. I like the twist she put on A Christmas Carol. I like how it went on through the month instead of just ONE night! Kerril doesn’t like Christmas! She has stopped celebrating it since her parents ruined it for her at her mother’s work Christmas Party. Now, she dreams of happening over and over again but she can’t do anything to stop it. The only difference is there’s someone new in her dram. Adam Dominy. Adam is starring as the bar tender, unlike in real life dream-Adam doesn’t have a stutter. She wakes up from her dream late for school not that it’s anything new. When she shows up for school she learns that her teacher Ms. Clayburn has picked a play for the class to put together. it’s call A Christmas Kerril by no other then Adam.

Crap! He wrote a play about her. And what’s worse is that she is casted as the lead! Double Crap. And the Stuttering real life Adam is her Co-lead. Triple Crap. That is just a cruel joke to play on them both. There’s no way they can get through the play with him stuttering like crazy. She also learns that Mara, a bully, is playing the angel. UGH!

On top of all that she’s trying to avoid all this Christmas stuff, her best Friend Brooke is trying to make Kerril friends with Aysha who happens to be Perry’s girlfriend. Kerril has the hugest crush on him and is trying to make sure Aysha doesn’t know which is hard to do.

But now Kerril and Perry are starting to get closer bonding over their dislike of Christmas and is thinking of skipping out on it all together with him. But to do that she’ll have to miss the play and Adam needs her because he doesn’t stutter around her.

Christmas is gets harder for Kerril to avoid this play and trying to make an effort to be friends with Aysha, she also learns something about Aysha. Dream Adam always seems to be there and is showing her things she doesn’t want to see.

Will Kerril leave with Perry or stay for Adam and the play? Will Adam get past his stuttering? What’s wrong with Aysha? Is Perry really a good guy?

I thought it was a pretty good book it’s just I think there needs to be more of an ending because we don’t find out what’s going to happen with Brooke and Kerril. But other then that I really enjoyed it. I wish there were more moments with Real Adam. I also want to learn more about him and his school life that we got just a little peek into.

My favorite part is when Adam goes over to Kerril’s house and they practice the play! So cute! Too bad it gets ruined by Kerril’s big mouth!

I give this book 3  and a Thumbs up! Will be reading this again next Christmas!

A Christmas Kerril made my 12 days of Christmas Reading List!

Until Next time!! Read on and Enjoy!

Morgan 🙂

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