Book BoyFriend August 2017

Book Boyfriend of the Month


It’s the first Wednesday of the month! You know what that means!!!

It’s time to share who your favorite Book Boyfriend of the month!

This month I have to say my book boyfriend is Jake Dubois.

“She turned her head to look at Jake. He had pulled out the Handkerchief she had returned to him and held it to his nose with an elated expression. Then he looked full at her, eyes ablaze with laughter. ‘My handkerchief never had this nice little stitched edge, my lady. Whatever you did with the stained one, this one is brand new.’ “

He is a investigative journalist from the 1920’s and he makes me swoon! He can even cook. Though sometimes I wish he would just get over Alkmene’s title already. It gets annoying but every character needs flaws. I like how Jake treats Alkmene more then just a lady. he takes her thoughts and ideas and listens to her. Though he is quick to point out her mistakes and flaws, like not knowing how to do laundry. I think they are so cute together.

Check the book out today and gush over it with me because if you can’t tell I’m obsessing over this series! To the point where frankly I’m starting to Bear Ass (embarrass) myself.


Until Next Time! Read On and Enjoy!

Morgan 🙂

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