Top 10 Must Read Book Series!

My Top 10 Must Read Book Series for September!

Are you looking for a great book series to read? Well here are a few of my paranormal/Fantasy favorites that I think you all would LOVE!

wicked witches book 1

  1. Wicked Witches of the Midwest by Amanda M Lee. This is one of my new favorite series. they are such great books and they will having you laugh out loud literally. This is not a book to read if you need to be quite because you will burst out in laughter. Aunt Tillie is so funny so reminds me a little of my grandma Tina (God Bless her soul miss you!) It also makes me really glad she couldn’t cruse me and my sisters. These books are pretty long but they are s good you’ll flew through them because you absolutely cannot put them down. The books are full of sarcasm, cooking, magic, mystery, and good-looking men! You will fall in love with Bay and her cousin and they’re crazy aunts. Start click HERE to start book 1 Any Witch Way You Can. KindleUnlimited BOOKS
  2. Dowser Series by Meghan Ciana Doidge. I fell in love with this series from the start. Who wouldn’t though it’s start out in a cupcake shop! But the story and Meghan Ciana Doidge’s writing is what kept me turning the pages. The books just keep getting better and better as you go along You see Jade really come into her powers and she learns more and more about herself and magic in every book along with her friends one a werewolf with green hair reminds me so much of my best friend Erika. They both have the biggest sweet-tooth’s in the world. Warning: This book will make you crave chocolate and cupcakes! be sure to have them around! Book 1 Cupcakes, Trinkets, and Other Deadly Magic is FREE so what are you waiting for head on over and pick it up now! Bonus: Meghan Ciana Doidge is very active on her Facebook Page! She shares recipes for her books! Go like it now!
  3. Steel and Stone by Annette Marie. This is such a great series if you love tough kick ass heroines! Piper is a haemon who doesn’t have any magic. She wants nothing more than to be a Consul but everything gets ruined when there’s an attack on the Consulate and her father is missing and is accused of stealing the Sahar. Now along with Ash and Lyre, two handsome Daemons, to find her father and who really attack the Consulate. These  book is pack with action and some steamy kisses. KindleUnlimited books! Get book one Chase the Dark My Book review HERE.
  4. The Cats Eye Chronicles by T. L. Shreffler. I love that series! T. L. Shreffler is an amazing writing and I get lost in her books! I love her characters I feel like I can connect with all of them. I love how the relationship between Crash and Sora grow during the books so you can watch how they go from hating each other and not knowing how to love to being two people who would do anything for each other and it’s so powerful and strong because they really came from to different worlds. And I love how now in the book series we’re coming back and meeting characters we may have forgotten about or thought we’d never seen again, well again. Although I did have higher hopes for Lilly. This book series is perfect for you if you want to go on an adventure to save the world with the help of magically friends most of the world don’t even think is real or gone. First book Sora’s Quest is FREE! Book review HERE.
  5. Relentless by Karen Lynch. This book series is so good! it will leave you wanting more and more! Lucky for you after you finish the first book you can just head to amazon and get book two I had to wait for it and it was torture because I just wanted more Sara and Nikolas, a badass Mohiri warrior. Sara is a girl who has special powers and has known about the super natural world that most don’t know exist. She juggles her normal and super natural trying to keep her uncle and friends safe while she digs for information about her father’s death. I love how Sara is so rebellious and won’t except Nikolas’s protection because she wants to do things her way and is always escaping them it’s so funny even though it infuriates him. I just LOVE it! Check it out Book 1 Relentless is FREE! My book review HERE.
  6. Creepy Hollow Series by Rachel Morgan. If you want to get lost in another amazing and magical world this is the book series for you! Rachel Morgan’s writing will take you into a new world she created called Creepy Hollow where all the mythical creates live. The faerie guardian’s protect the humans from dangerous magical creatures and Violet wants nothing more than to be one and graduate at the top of her class so she can follow in her families footsteps there’s only a few problems one Ryn her ex friend and rival for the top of the class is determined to keep her down. Problem two her last assignment a cute human boy followed her through the faerie paths which means she has broken the biggest rules and now may not become a guardian at all. This book is so amazing and you’ll love going along with Violet as she makes mistakes gains friends and tries to save her world in this series. Check out my book review on The Faerie Guardian HERE! Then head over to amazon and get your FREE eBook today!
  7. Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater. Did you like going on Adventures in your own backyard or town? While So does Blue, Gansey, Adam, and Ronan. Together they are trying to help Gansey find Glendower, who saved Gansey life when he should have died. Blue is from a family of psychic she is the only with out the gift she only enhances her families magic when she’s in the room or touching them. Together they band together on an adventure of a life time. Love, love, LOVE these books and can’t wait for the last one to come out. And I’ve read some steamy kissing scenes but Maggie Stiefvater writes some steamy non-kisses in these books, I mean WOW! Get the first book The Raven Boys HERE!
  8. Cassidy Edwards by Carmen Caine. Ever wonder what life would be like if you were the first of your kind and knew nothing of the world you are a part of and then by accident stumble into the that very world and end up work for a very powerful Warlock? Well that’s the life of Cassidy Edwards, she should have never been born since her mother was changed into a vampire while she was pregnant but somehow Cassidy survived and she doesn’t quite know what that makes her. She doesn’t drink blood like vampires though she has fangs they aren’t stone or long like all other vampires. Throughout the book Cassidy learns about this world she’s apart of that she’s been trying to learn about for years now and she learn a lot about herself as well. Wait are you waiting for start the first book Monster now! KindleUnlimited Book!
  9. The Black Mage by Rachel E Carter. This is a really good YA book! I love the worl Rachel E. Carter created and the school for Mages is wonderful I love how Ryiah has to really work hard to become who she is at the end of the book and doesn’t have it easy from the start that happens in most books. I also love how Darren is always pushing her to be better and given her hints on how to improve even if she doesn’t realize that’s what he’s doing. Get the first book The Black Mage: The First Year or check out my Book Review Here.
  10. Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. This is a great alien book. How would you like it if you had a super hot neighbor next door and he also happens to be the brother and twin of your new best friend. This is Katy’s new reality it’s bad enough starting over and now she has to deal with her best friends brother hating her and now their enemies are after her because he got his alien mojo on her. Great book that will keep you up on your toes plus a great kissing scene where things literally explode. Get the first book Obsidian here.

*Bonus Book because who doesn’t love a bonus! Aurora Sky Vampire Hunter by Nikki Jefford. If you love a book where there’s a hot vampire in your high school this is the book for you. Aurora was just on her way home from school when she got into a car accident and ended up waking up to a whole new life a life where she is now working for the government killing vampires. To make matters worse her new boyfriend may be a vampire. Lots of twists in turns in this series but after every book you’ll be begging for more! First book Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter if FREE!

If you have a series you want to recommend to me please feel free to share via comment or on my Facebook page. I love hearing from you! 🙂

Until next time! Read on and enjoy!

Morgan 🙂

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